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by on January 15, 2012
  • Who are you on-line – which ID do you use?

    Who are you on-line – which ID do you use?

    Many of us are increasingly using an “api” or other ID to sign in to other sites using our identity on another. We think its safer – but who are we giving what information to?

    This graphic is a little out of date but proves a dangerous point…

    Mike Morrison
  • The 4 stages of "getting" twitter

    The 4 stages of “getting” twitter

    Often people say that twitter is a waste of time.. or even when they try it they still dont get it..

    I laughed at this – I recognised a few people – do you?

    Mike Morrison
  • Ban ALL ecademy blogs

    Ban ALL ecademy blogs

    yes – you read it right. The next phase for ecademy is to lose the blogs – if it wants to attract potent clients for its members.

    You see many potential customers will come here – see the public blogs and leave. We have even had regular members here saying they remembered why they stopped looking at certain threads, and the blogs in general.

    Just look at the majority of the titles – its sycophantic at best – topics about things that customers will never want to know about – these threads – i.e community etc should be PRIVATE and hidden from non members.

    Its time for change.

    Limit any member to 2 blogs per day… well to be honest 5 in a week if you want real QUALITY

    sure start a parallel area called “news” where members can post content they have found of value that they think members would value from – but keep that private to members.

  • How smaller businesses are using social media

    How smaller businesses are using social media

    There is a lot of hype about social media – the reality is that many talk about it – or against it – but what are the real facts

    It is interesting that take-up and engagement has increased again from spring through to autumn 2011

    This piece of research shows who is doing what..

    What of course it does not say is the population – but its interesting to know of those using social media, what they find works/ useful.

    Mike Morrison

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