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by on January 12, 2012
  • Ecademy member makes worlds top 100 tweeters list on Leadership

    Ecademy member makes worlds top 100 tweeters list on Leadership

    Well what do you know

    Today I received a tweet from Evan Carmichael, saying I have been included on his top 100 tweeters on leadership.

    Now if you don’t know Evan, he runs a well respected site on all things social media – Blogs twitter etc. Using complex tools and research he periodically publishes lost of top blogs and tweeters on a range of topics. I have been included on an HR list once before – but wow this is a big list.

  • Leon Benjamin – "Winning by Sharing"
    Today I was at an event looking at some debates around social media. In the room as one of the contributers was Leon Benjamin An ecademy BlackStar.

    At the end of the meeting he gave us all a copy of his book “winning by Sharing”
    Now I already had a copy, but he said to take it and give it to someone. Well on the way home I re-read it.

    I had forgotten some of the great thoughts and ideas that this contained.

    I would recommend you to connect with Leon – and get his book

    Mike Morrison
  • New exclusive club for PowerNetworkers

    New exclusive club for PowerNetworkers

    Well there are lots of clubs, events and groups only for BlackStars – so I would like to lead the vangard for a series of clubs and meetings exclusively for Powernetworkers.

    What do you think?

    If Blackstars have needs – we have needs (different??) too…

    Mike Morrison
  • The future of tablet PC’s
    At CES this week Sony are showcasing a small form tablet that folds – great for the business jacket

    I can see a phone being wrapped around this in a second generation

    Mike Morrison
  • Social Ecademists – a community of….
    engaging and supportive fellow business people…

    A very quick social experiment I would appreciate your help with.

    I am intreagued by our behaviour and the ratios and statistics around:

    • Reads
    • Likes
    • Comments

    on ecademy blogs.

    I wonder if there are any predicatable rations or norms for what we do and how we do it….?

    your help is appreciated
    With this in mind – as research for a future blog I would ask you to do 2 very simple things
    1) “like” this post
    2) Do NOT comment

    Yes a chore – but you are already here….
    thanks for your participation…

    Mike Morrison
  • Where did my #ecademy blog go…?

    Where did my #ecademy blog go…?

    A short while ago I published a blog on change management, then when I was looking at the recently published blogs, I noticed the first line of my blog was wrong….

    I went to look at it and apart from the heading it was gone!

    Luckily I had a copy in notepad and was able to re-post – but I did not spent the 10 minutes playing with the HTML to get the formatting just right.

    This has happened a few times before – but thought it must have been something I did

    but no – there is an “undocumented feature” here (or bug to you & I)

    have you experienced publishing a blog – only to find that it is missing much of its content??

    Mike Morrison
  • Rapid Change Management

    Managing Change

    This article looks at managing change and change management along with managing transition.

    Introduction to Change, change management and change management models
    For any organizational development (OD) intervention to be effective, change needs to be lead or at the very least managed.

    Many organizations focus on the project management aspects of change. While this is an important factor – it is not the critical factor. People are. Having said that, it is about balancing the development or change of both at the same time – see our business growth model.

  • Are you ready for the Internet 2020

    Are you ready for the Internet 2020?

    ZDNET have provided some interesting statistical data about the internet in 2020.
    Now while they cannot say what platforms or technology we will be using, what they can attempt to predict is the number of working adults using the web, and the nature of the systems we may well be using..

    Interesting stuff – are you making the right moves for your business?

    click to enlarge

    Mike Morrison
  • Thinking about vision – Ten 100-year predictions that came true

    Thinking about vision – Ten 100-year predictions that came true

    Today I read this great post on the BBC news site about an American civil engineer called John Elfreth Watkins made a number of predictions about what the world would be like in 2000.

    Its crazy how many he got right – some may suprise you

    Read the origional article here:

    Remember this was written BRFORE many of the early versions of what we now know…

    worth a read

    Mike Morrison

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