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Today's thoughts January 23, 2012

by on January 23, 2012

  • Social Content Marketing

    Social Content Marketing

    The what’s, why’s and wherefore’s of Social media marketing and content.

    Mike Morrison
  • Community education/ engagement project – help needed

    Community education/ engagement project – help needed

    Hi all
    I have had an idea in my head for some time & feel it is time to take the idea to the next level.

    I cannot for obvious reasons give it all away here, but here is the project:

    Young people producing “educational” videos for other young people to learn from – and put on Youtube. The theme is humanitarian in nature, non religious, non political.

    In total 8 videos each 1-2 minutes duration.
    The content will be provided – but the “students” will write, direct, star & edit the entire piece, with only guidance, no editorial input from the “adults” around. At the same time the participants will learn valuable skills.

    Now I have access to the “subject matter experts” but what I need is:

    • A group of 15-25 people aged 9-13
    • A venue – ideally in or near central London, will need at least 4 rooms & wifi
    • A medical/healthcare supplies company
  • Management jargon – making sense of business

    Management Jargon – making sense of business

    Does this sound like your office?

    or worse – are these the things your consultants/ advisers/ coaches or mentors say?

    Mike Morrison
  • How to get your blog read by 1000s #keyword

    Thinking of writing a blog this week? How to get your blog read by 1000s #keyword

    Following an idea I had last week and this thread

    Writing is one thing – having that content read by 1000s is quite another. It’s all about leverage – leveraging off others

    I am proposing that for the next seven days you consider writing a blog (article) about:


    So if you business is about helping the cashflow of others, or if you have any tips on #cashflow, pleas consider writing a blog or two about it.

    All you need to do is put “#cashflow” as the last word of the title of the piece, as I have done on this one with #keyword

    The idea is that the more we have with a given tag, the more traffic we can generate for fellow members. The more pieces we get in the week, the better for anyone that writes, it would be great to have at least 2 a day (in total not per person). – Are you up for the challenge?


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