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Today's thoughts January 18, 2012

by on January 18, 2012

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  • Is Amazon the best kept secret, a social media platform

    Is Amazon the secret social media platform?

    Looking at the statistics of Amazon we forget just how much many of us trust and use the platform – for that is what it is. Its nolonger just a “store” but a marketplace.

    So Amazon is big – but are we as business people making the most of what it can offer – and I’m not just talking about it as a market place.

    Mike Morrison
  • The Rise of Inbound marketing – & what it means for you

    Rise of Inbound marketing – & what it means for you

    Some of us have noticed this change to marketing, many have not. Sure the “old” ways of outbound marketing are still valid, but they are becoming less and less effective in their original formats.

    Outbound marketing, marketing tied to social media/ social business methods is rapidly changing the way many work.

    Inbound marketing is more customer centric. With company phones now able to register for Telephone Preference Services (much like the domestic barring on sales calls) – its getting harder and harder to do traditional outbound approaches.

    Content marketing is coming to the fore – and blogs like this one are the tool of choice for many:

    Mike Morrison
  • Is your website legal? Will you get fined by companies house?

    Is your website legal?

    Today I have been looking at a number of ecademy members websites and I am appalled at the number of sites that do not comply with basic UK law for a UK limited company presence. But you are not alone – it’s unfortunately not uncommon on small business sites.

    In the same way that companies house requires key information to be on letterheads, as a point of company registration, that information is also required on websites. And it must be easily found.

    Why leave this stuff off? Is it lack of knowledge? I would hope that all web developers know what should and must be on a website?

    What I do know is that as a result I was looking to contact you, but wont now as I’m not sure you trade responsibly.

    Too harsh??

    Do you have a business adviser that knows what you should and should not be doing as well as being able to practically help your business?


  • Professional Services – how buyers buy (FREE PDF)

    Professional Services – how buyers buy

    Prompted by an infographic I found yesterday (professional services grow faster with online marketing) I was looking around the hinge website and came across the free PDF guide “how buyers buy professional services” – a great guide and not to be missed if this is your target service/ audience.

    The report is based on interviews with 137 buyers of professional services

    • 53% government buyers, 47% private sector buyers
    • Services purchased included:

      >Architecture, Engineering and Construction
      > Technology
      > Management Consulting
      > Accounting & Finance

    • Topics included:

      >Firm selection process
      > Competitive marketing approaches
      > Expanding the relationship
      > Referrals
      > Reasons clients leave



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