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Today's thoughts January 21, 2012

by on January 21, 2012

  • #keyword of the week here on the blogs.. thoughts?

    #keyword of the week here on the blogs.. thoughts?

    For many the blogs are for sharing thought, for others getting notices. But one use that is not used to its fullest extent is for “backlinks”

    Now I know that William has mentioned about “no-follow”, but it does no harm if done well, and sparingly!.

    In adition sometimes people have difficulty thinking up topics to write about.

    So what I am proposing is a “theme” for a week at a time. Where that theme is related to our businesses. Now not every theme will be related to your business specifically, and its not about writing because you feel you have to – but its about writing, sharing ideas, developing ideas – and encouraging off-site readers to visit our sites.

    So how COULD this work?
    Lets say that on a sat or Sunday a keyword was agreed/ suggested. The at any time throughout the week you consider if you have something to contribute, and then write about it.

  • Twitter buys summify

    Twitter buys Summify

    Changes have started to ramp up in the social media space

    have a look at this article Twitter buys summify

    Change is getting faster…

    Mike Morrison

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