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Thank you for finding this blog.

The content here is no longer actively managed or updated.

We have consolidated all of our content on the RapidBI blog.

This has always had a subset of our RapidBI content, but now it is all available at the link above.

Some of our key long term content can be accessed below:

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Mike Morrison


Today's thoughts January 24, 2012


Today's thoughts January 23, 2012


  • Social Content Marketing

    Social Content Marketing

    The what’s, why’s and wherefore’s of Social media marketing and content.

    Mike Morrison
  • Community education/ engagement project – help needed

    Community education/ engagement project – help needed

    Hi all
    I have had an idea in my head for some time & feel it is time to take the idea to the next level.

    I cannot for obvious reasons give it all away here, but here is the project:

    Young people producing “educational” videos for other young people to learn from – and put on Youtube. The theme is humanitarian in nature, non religious, non political.

    In total 8 videos each 1-2 minutes duration.
    The content will be provided – but the “students” will write, direct, star & edit the entire piece, with only guidance, no editorial input from the “adults” around. At the same time the participants will learn valuable skills.

    Now I have access to the “subject matter experts” but what I need is:

    • A group of 15-25 people aged 9-13
    • A venue – ideally in or near central London, will need at least 4 rooms & wifi
    • A medical/healthcare supplies company
  • Management jargon – making sense of business

    Management Jargon – making sense of business

    Does this sound like your office?

    or worse – are these the things your consultants/ advisers/ coaches or mentors say?

    Mike Morrison
  • How to get your blog read by 1000s #keyword

    Thinking of writing a blog this week? How to get your blog read by 1000s #keyword

    Following an idea I had last week and this thread

    Writing is one thing – having that content read by 1000s is quite another. It’s all about leverage – leveraging off others

    I am proposing that for the next seven days you consider writing a blog (article) about:


    So if you business is about helping the cashflow of others, or if you have any tips on #cashflow, pleas consider writing a blog or two about it.

    All you need to do is put “#cashflow” as the last word of the title of the piece, as I have done on this one with #keyword

    The idea is that the more we have with a given tag, the more traffic we can generate for fellow members. The more pieces we get in the week, the better for anyone that writes, it would be great to have at least 2 a day (in total not per person). – Are you up for the challenge?

Today's thoughts January 21, 2012


  • #keyword of the week here on the blogs.. thoughts?

    #keyword of the week here on the blogs.. thoughts?

    For many the blogs are for sharing thought, for others getting notices. But one use that is not used to its fullest extent is for “backlinks”

    Now I know that William has mentioned about “no-follow”, but it does no harm if done well, and sparingly!.

    In adition sometimes people have difficulty thinking up topics to write about.

    So what I am proposing is a “theme” for a week at a time. Where that theme is related to our businesses. Now not every theme will be related to your business specifically, and its not about writing because you feel you have to – but its about writing, sharing ideas, developing ideas – and encouraging off-site readers to visit our sites.

    So how COULD this work?
    Lets say that on a sat or Sunday a keyword was agreed/ suggested. The at any time throughout the week you consider if you have something to contribute, and then write about it.

  • Twitter buys summify

    Twitter buys Summify

    Changes have started to ramp up in the social media space

    have a look at this article Twitter buys summify

    Change is getting faster…

    Mike Morrison

Today's thoughts January 20, 2012


  • Who are you going to call – Management training by GhostBusters

    Who are you going to call – Management training by GhostBusters

    Bosses – many of us are one – most of us have one.

    Many of us have seen the film Ghostbusters at one time or another (maybe even several times), without realising how some of the principles presented in the stories can be applied to our everyday management activities.

    Calling all managers, it’s time to take your cues from Peter, Raymond, Egon, and Louis.

    So who are you going to call?

    Mike Morrison
  • Are you ready for the new Google algorithm change?

    Are you ready for the new Google algorithm change?

    The google site has announced some changes to websites that feature adverts – if yours does you may be impacted in the next round of site rankings.

    “Apparently its all to do with ad above the fold”

    If this is relevant to you you can read more here

    They also say…

    This change is just one of the over 500 improvements we expect to roll out to search this year


    Will this impact your site?
    if so link here so we can all see & learn together

    Mike Morrison
  • StarWars approach to training and management

    StarWars approach to training and management

    An interesting way to look at management, and the journey to being an effective manager

    Mike Morrison
  • TV impact advertising for small businesses

    TV impact advertising for small businesses

    In days gone by, many small and medium sized businesses would have done almost anything for the exposure that they could get from TV advertising. But alas, this was deemed too expensive.

    Now however it seems that as consumers change their habits, TV scale impact advertising is within the budget of the smallest of firms. The difference of course is that for many that still means investing in quality advertising material/ content – but the channel is now easily available.

    Mike Morrison

Today's thoughts January 19, 2012


#blog #ceo

  • Linkedin Dropping twitter integration

    Linkedin Dropping Twitter Integration

    So it seems that the twitter integration is being dropped from LinkedIn

    It seems that unlike integration of tools and apps – this could be the start of re-positioning of networks to be isolated from each other..

    If you don’t have it yet – here is the email I received from the LinkedIn team:

    At LinkedIn, we want to provide a simple and efficient experience for members like you. So from time to time, we take a look at our set of features to evaluate how they’re being used by our members. Part of this process sometimes means we decide to eliminate a feature, so we can better invest those resources in building more great LinkedIn products.

  • Make a difference – in only 1 minute – Today…NOW #hardandfast

    Make a difference – in only 1 minute – Today…NOW

    How – simple

    Take 44 seconds to watch this video – and up to 15 seconds to post to your favourite social network..

    Pass the word – lets drive this as you never know – it may be you or a close friend or loved one that is beneficial from the actions someone takes.

    STOP – dont leave this page without tweeting or facebooking it!!!

    You don’t need to be tough like Vinnie Jones to save a life, just push #hardandfast. Find out how:

    Just if you do it for real.. keep going – don’t stop after 44 seconds!! – it does work.. it does save lives – a colleague of mine did this just a couple of weeks ago and was successful in saving a person. You can too – Just do it!

  • Networked Blogs on facebook

    Networked Blogs on Facebook

    Do you link your blog here to your facebook page?

    If not why not?

    You can use a link like this:

  • Communicating tone or emotion through "smileys"

    Communicating tone or emotion through “smileys”

    Reading a blog or a comment can be hard to interpret, often people use smile or wink to “puncuate” a piece and add emotion.

    What have you used to good effect in a business based forum or community?

    Mike Morrison

Today's thoughts January 18, 2012


#blog #ceo

  • Is Amazon the best kept secret, a social media platform

    Is Amazon the secret social media platform?

    Looking at the statistics of Amazon we forget just how much many of us trust and use the platform – for that is what it is. Its nolonger just a “store” but a marketplace.

    So Amazon is big – but are we as business people making the most of what it can offer – and I’m not just talking about it as a market place.

    Mike Morrison
  • The Rise of Inbound marketing – & what it means for you

    Rise of Inbound marketing – & what it means for you

    Some of us have noticed this change to marketing, many have not. Sure the “old” ways of outbound marketing are still valid, but they are becoming less and less effective in their original formats.

    Outbound marketing, marketing tied to social media/ social business methods is rapidly changing the way many work.

    Inbound marketing is more customer centric. With company phones now able to register for Telephone Preference Services (much like the domestic barring on sales calls) – its getting harder and harder to do traditional outbound approaches.

    Content marketing is coming to the fore – and blogs like this one are the tool of choice for many:

    Mike Morrison
  • Is your website legal? Will you get fined by companies house?

    Is your website legal?

    Today I have been looking at a number of ecademy members websites and I am appalled at the number of sites that do not comply with basic UK law for a UK limited company presence. But you are not alone – it’s unfortunately not uncommon on small business sites.

    In the same way that companies house requires key information to be on letterheads, as a point of company registration, that information is also required on websites. And it must be easily found.

    Why leave this stuff off? Is it lack of knowledge? I would hope that all web developers know what should and must be on a website?

    What I do know is that as a result I was looking to contact you, but wont now as I’m not sure you trade responsibly.

    Too harsh??

    Do you have a business adviser that knows what you should and should not be doing as well as being able to practically help your business?


  • Professional Services – how buyers buy (FREE PDF)

    Professional Services – how buyers buy

    Prompted by an infographic I found yesterday (professional services grow faster with online marketing) I was looking around the hinge website and came across the free PDF guide “how buyers buy professional services” – a great guide and not to be missed if this is your target service/ audience.

    The report is based on interviews with 137 buyers of professional services

    • 53% government buyers, 47% private sector buyers
    • Services purchased included:

      >Architecture, Engineering and Construction
      > Technology
      > Management Consulting
      > Accounting & Finance

    • Topics included:

      >Firm selection process
      > Competitive marketing approaches
      > Expanding the relationship
      > Referrals
      > Reasons clients leave