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  • Who are you on-line – which ID do you use?

    Who are you on-line – which ID do you use?

    Many of us are increasingly using an “api” or other ID to sign in to other sites using our identity on another. We think its safer – but who are we giving what information to?

    This graphic is a little out of date but proves a dangerous point…

    Mike Morrison
  • The 4 stages of "getting" twitter

    The 4 stages of “getting” twitter

    Often people say that twitter is a waste of time.. or even when they try it they still dont get it..

    I laughed at this – I recognised a few people – do you?

    Mike Morrison
  • Ban ALL ecademy blogs

    Ban ALL ecademy blogs

    yes – you read it right. The next phase for ecademy is to lose the blogs – if it wants to attract potent clients for its members.

    You see many potential customers will come here – see the public blogs and leave. We have even had regular members here saying they remembered why they stopped looking at certain threads, and the blogs in general.

    Just look at the majority of the titles – its sycophantic at best – topics about things that customers will never want to know about – these threads – i.e community etc should be PRIVATE and hidden from non members.

    Its time for change.

    Limit any member to 2 blogs per day… well to be honest 5 in a week if you want real QUALITY

    sure start a parallel area called “news” where members can post content they have found of value that they think members would value from – but keep that private to members.

  • How smaller businesses are using social media

    How smaller businesses are using social media

    There is a lot of hype about social media – the reality is that many talk about it – or against it – but what are the real facts

    It is interesting that take-up and engagement has increased again from spring through to autumn 2011

    This piece of research shows who is doing what..

    What of course it does not say is the population – but its interesting to know of those using social media, what they find works/ useful.

    Mike Morrison

New posts on #ecademy

  • Disruptive Innovations that have impacted B2B Marketing

    Disruptive Innovations that have impacted business & B2B Marketing

    Looking through some of this data raises some interesting thoughts.

    Especially that some firms just seem to keep being there.

    The question is what will be the next disruptive technology or application that will change the way we do things?

    Disruptive technology

  • The Rise of the SoMoLo Shopper

    The Rise of the SoMoLo Shopper

    A SoLoMo shopper is a Social media savvy, Mobile and Location-based shopper. They are starting to use services that are social,mobile and local, often through apps and social media sites (twitter, facebook, foursquare etc…

    This is starting to create a new breed of shopper – the SoMoLo shopper
    How might this impact your B2C business?

  • Why LinkedIn is of NO value to entrepreneurs

    Why LinkedIn IS of value to entrepreneurs

    Yes you read it right….
    On many discussions recently I have heard people saying that LinkedIn is no longer relevant.

    And they are correct….. stay away its a waste of time….

    Unless of course you want customers in medium to large companies…. for that is where they “hang out” on line.

    If you want to mix with other small business people then ecademy is a useful place.

    If you are B2C then Facebook is the place to be.

    If you want toe sell to larger businesses then you need to find people that have a problem that you or your company can solve.

    you need to go to where your customers are… its called LinkedIn!

    The big mistake that people make about social media, is that they go to where they find value – like minded people – but actually want you want to do is go where your customers find value…

    Mike Morrison

  • How technology is killing Innovation in schools & business

    How technology is killing Innovation in schools & business

    Innovation & How to develop an innovative culture

    If we look at history, we know that in times of trouble we innovate best.
    For example just look at the innovativeness of POWs in the second world war.. everything from making photocopiers, clothes, maps, aeroplanes – from literally nothing. Look at major innovation in trauma care – all from the treatment of burns in fighter pilots – the the current treatments of war vets pos IUDs (they service better than any comparable trauma in history) – is this thanks to technology… of the sheer desire to solve a problem where the resources are not available.

    When we give our children “all singing all dancing” pc’s & tablets – guess what – all they will do is play. Look at the current movement to get young people coding again

  • UK Business is dead if we rely on our current education strategy

    UK Business is dead if we rely on our current education strategy

    Having spent much of yesterday at BETT 2012 – the technology show for education, I must admit to have left the show feeling somewhat underwhelmed.
    Sure there were some interesting and exciting ideas – however many were peddling old and outdated concept:

    • Software that looked like it was designed in the 1990s
    • Interfaces that are boring and utilitarian
    • Collaborative but not inclusive learning solutions

    It is 2012 and yet from when I last visited the show some 5 years ago – much of what I saw then I saw now – zillions of smart board solutions – storage cabinets for laptops (or now tablets). Some great software – some innovative hardware.. but also mucvh of it too expensive for most schools to make it routinely available to the majority of students. – I will write another piece about this “innovation” black hole later.

    But this is missing the point.

  • What Social Media Power Players Do That You Don’t

    What Social Media Power Players Do That You Don’t

    There have been many discussions here (and in other spaces) about social media, does it work – “it don’t work for me”.
    Today I found this useful piece in Forbes written by Haydn Shaughnessy.

    In it he quotes:

    There are three differences between these groups (social and news media), centred on:

  • Being active in a sufficient number of channels
  • Creating and maintaining a high quality network
  • Frequency of participation

In summarising the research he concludes:

“So you might say the real differentiator is frequency of engagement as well as time spent blogging.”


New posts on #ecademy

  • Ecademy member makes worlds top 100 tweeters list on Leadership

    Ecademy member makes worlds top 100 tweeters list on Leadership

    Well what do you know

    Today I received a tweet from Evan Carmichael, saying I have been included on his top 100 tweeters on leadership.

    Now if you don’t know Evan, he runs a well respected site on all things social media – Blogs twitter etc. Using complex tools and research he periodically publishes lost of top blogs and tweeters on a range of topics. I have been included on an HR list once before – but wow this is a big list.

  • Leon Benjamin – "Winning by Sharing"
    Today I was at an event looking at some debates around social media. In the room as one of the contributers was Leon Benjamin An ecademy BlackStar.

    At the end of the meeting he gave us all a copy of his book “winning by Sharing”
    Now I already had a copy, but he said to take it and give it to someone. Well on the way home I re-read it.

    I had forgotten some of the great thoughts and ideas that this contained.

    I would recommend you to connect with Leon – and get his book

    Mike Morrison
  • New exclusive club for PowerNetworkers

    New exclusive club for PowerNetworkers

    Well there are lots of clubs, events and groups only for BlackStars – so I would like to lead the vangard for a series of clubs and meetings exclusively for Powernetworkers.

    What do you think?

    If Blackstars have needs – we have needs (different??) too…

    Mike Morrison
  • The future of tablet PC’s
    At CES this week Sony are showcasing a small form tablet that folds – great for the business jacket

    I can see a phone being wrapped around this in a second generation

    Mike Morrison
  • Social Ecademists – a community of….
    engaging and supportive fellow business people…

    A very quick social experiment I would appreciate your help with.

    I am intreagued by our behaviour and the ratios and statistics around:

    • Reads
    • Likes
    • Comments

    on ecademy blogs.

    I wonder if there are any predicatable rations or norms for what we do and how we do it….?

    your help is appreciated
    With this in mind – as research for a future blog I would ask you to do 2 very simple things
    1) “like” this post
    2) Do NOT comment

    Yes a chore – but you are already here….
    thanks for your participation…

    Mike Morrison
  • Where did my #ecademy blog go…?

    Where did my #ecademy blog go…?

    A short while ago I published a blog on change management, then when I was looking at the recently published blogs, I noticed the first line of my blog was wrong….

    I went to look at it and apart from the heading it was gone!

    Luckily I had a copy in notepad and was able to re-post – but I did not spent the 10 minutes playing with the HTML to get the formatting just right.

    This has happened a few times before – but thought it must have been something I did

    but no – there is an “undocumented feature” here (or bug to you & I)

    have you experienced publishing a blog – only to find that it is missing much of its content??

    Mike Morrison
  • Rapid Change Management

    Managing Change

    This article looks at managing change and change management along with managing transition.

    Introduction to Change, change management and change management models
    For any organizational development (OD) intervention to be effective, change needs to be lead or at the very least managed.

    Many organizations focus on the project management aspects of change. While this is an important factor – it is not the critical factor. People are. Having said that, it is about balancing the development or change of both at the same time – see our business growth model.

  • Are you ready for the Internet 2020

    Are you ready for the Internet 2020?

    ZDNET have provided some interesting statistical data about the internet in 2020.
    Now while they cannot say what platforms or technology we will be using, what they can attempt to predict is the number of working adults using the web, and the nature of the systems we may well be using..

    Interesting stuff – are you making the right moves for your business?

    click to enlarge

    Mike Morrison
  • Thinking about vision – Ten 100-year predictions that came true

    Thinking about vision – Ten 100-year predictions that came true

    Today I read this great post on the BBC news site about an American civil engineer called John Elfreth Watkins made a number of predictions about what the world would be like in 2000.

    Its crazy how many he got right – some may suprise you

    Read the origional article here:

    Remember this was written BRFORE many of the early versions of what we now know…

    worth a read

    Mike Morrison

New posts on #ecademy

  • Social Media Connection vs. Engagement

    Social Media Connection vs. Engagement

    Interesting look at how to balance engagement with connections and how some people confuse one thing with the other.

    In the blog “You’re connected, but are you engaging” the author talks about connections being a commodity – and we know what that means – they are not really valued, at least not in the way an engaged “relationship” is.

    Click to see the original post

    This is an interesting way to look at engagement and connections – and it has got me thinking – what are your thoughts & reactions?

    Mike Morrison

  • Need Help -Dial 101 for police

    Need Help – dial 101

    While the 101 number has been running for some time, this soft start ended today with the full national (UK) activation and publicity #BBC

    The new non-emergency 101 phone number is now in operation across England and Wales after a phased introduction in different areas. This service is for crime related calls.

    The idea being that 999 is reserved for reporting only “crimes in progress” or where an urgent response is required by the police service

    Callers to the 101 line are automatically connected with their local county police force, which will redirect calls to the other emergency forces as necessary.

    Not free like 999
    Calls to 101 cost 15p from both mobile phones and landlines, regardless of how long the call is or when it is made. I wonder if this will have any impact on whether people chose to use it or not?

    What will be next 102 for “non urgent medical

  • IT Outsourcing Predictions for 2012

    IT Outsourcing Predictions for 2012

    As we all rely more and more on IT, more of us are looking to outsources many elements of our business. IT is often one of those areas.

    Research recently published suggests the following at 12 “hot” areas to look out for:

    via visually



    Mike Morrison

  • Going Freelance in Difficult Times

    Going Freelance in Difficult times

    Many believe that one of the most successful ways of starting and maintaining a growing business is to specialise or to find your own niche.What is a business niche?

    A niche business is one with a focus or area of specialisation. It is a market segment that particularly suits your experience, knowledge, talents, interests and personality. It is a segment of the market that you can make your own. You make it yours because it fits your expertise and your passion. Any niche must also reach a viable market that is hungry for a solution to a pain or need.

    Why trainers and consultants avoid selecting a niche

  • Thanks to Ecademy I’m #1 (number one) on Google

    Thanks to Ecademy I’m #1 on Google

    Earlier today Nick Break posted a blog of the same name on ecademy “Thanks to Ecademy I’m number one on Google” as a way of proving that ecademy is a powerful SEO tool and profile raiser.

    In the article Nick challenges us to “Check for yourself with this Google search.” Thanks to Ecademy I’m number one on Google. Now it would have been easy to comment on his piece – but in order to further develop the test I thought this post would be a useful indicator and experiment. What would happen if there were two such posts? Especially if one linked to the other – for it is cross linking within a site that is often taken as a value measure.

    What the point in being number one from ecademy in a search?

  • Dummies guide to Everything you need to know about the cloud for business

    Everything you need to know about the Cloud


    via visually


    Mike Morrison

  • Top International Leadership Blogs

    Top Leadership Blogs

    If like me you are always looking for inspiration, ideas and challenge around leadership, then check out this list of top leadership blogs I found while doing some research

    The table is neat in that it not only links to the blogs – but the RSS feeds too – genius!

    What is your fav leadership blog (apart from ecademy of course)

    Mike Morrison

  • Why have a phone number…..

    Why have a phone number…..

    Today I had need to contact someone about a business opportunity. I looked up their phone number, and rather than send an email – or tweet, I thought i would do the SOCIAL thing of speaking in person…

    Great news – the number I had was valid…. then it went straight through to a voice-mail message…. OK I thought thats OK – they are in a meeting….

    The message continued…. You have reached xxxxx xxxxxx, please send an email to – no option of leaving a message…

    Now what is the point?
    Why publish a number that will cause a person to both waste time and resources (cost of call)? Why not just have an email address listed?

    call me old fashioned – but there is a time when a hand written letter or phone call trumps email any day of the week. – A shame as my “second” call was to another contact that jumped at the chance – and maybe- just maybe, this was lady luck telling me who I should work with!

  • Thought for the day….

    Thought for the Day


    Don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution

    I will add a new one every day – unless you do first…
    Mike Morrison

Our blog posts on ecademy

  • Remember your ecademy "tags" or 50 words – are you missing business?

    Remember your ecademy “tags” or 50 words – are you missing business?

    Today it struck me that I had not reviewed these since I set up my ecademy account some time ago.

    Much like keywords on a website, sometimes the nature of our business changes and words and phrases come and go. I was stunned to see how badly I had chosen these to be… but that has changed…

    What prompted me to look at this was changing my twitter bio earlier this morning

    Why is it important?
    Simple, if people look through ecademy for tags – then you may not be there. the difference for me was not being on the list or being in the top 3 – lets see if it makes any difference over the next couple of days.

    #not a thing to set and forget!

    Mike Morrison
  • Why invoicing is a waste of time

    Why invoicing is a waste of time

    How do you currently Invoice – manually or electronic?

    Is the process an overhead or does it add value?

    via visually

    Mike Morrison
  • 7 simple steps to make your (small) business more successful in 2012

    7 simple steps to make your (small) business more successful in 2012

    Today I came across this graphic. It’s an interesting one as its is as much about collaboration and resilience as it is technology.

    One thing for sure – and that is the software market is changing … dramatically at the moment – and on-line or cloud based/ backed solutions are coming to the fore.

    Travel & doc access – Dropbox

    My only concern, is if like me you travel, then the ability to use the software is key.
    having a sync service like dropbox is invaluable – but using online tools like google docs when off-line can be a deal breaker… at the moment – if only these tools were available both on and off line.

    About Google Docs offline

  • Is your Twitter Bio losing you contacts?

    Is your Twitter Bio losing you contacts?

    One of the things I do is change my twitter bio on a regular basis. When was the last time you changed yours?

    Does it include:

    • A USP – Unique Selling or proposition Point
    • Something about you the human bean – and not a bot
    • A link
    • Something showing you have a personality, and a little like potential readers – and not a bot!
    • Something about your business – well you want them to engage/ buy from you eventually!

    Your Twitter bio is an important part of your Twitter SEO – so keep it fresh (Google like that) and so will potential customers

    Mike Morrison

Our blog posts on ecademy

  • Ecademy ranking top ten growth

    Getting into gear for 2012…

    It is interesting to see what has happened in the top ten recently.

    For the first time in the 5 weeks I have been looking at this I can see that only one person in the top 10 has not improved their score. position 10!

    I suspect that they will not be there tomorrow:

    It seems that it is becoming an increasingly competitive space. certainly just 5 weeks ago a score of 60 would put you easily in the top 10 – but not this week. In fact for the last 5 days Thomas has been running at over 100 – with William making a concerted effort today…

    Come on Sam if you want to stay there – who will be there tomorrow? Mike Simon or Cornelis?

    What will happen next?
    Chasing the score – harmless fun, wasted time, of a canny strategy?

    Mike Morrison
  • Meetings Bloody Meetings – How to improve them

    Meetings Bloody Meetings – How to improve them

    Did you know that of all the meetings most of us attend, over 50 of that time is wasted. never to be available again.

    40% of us have more than 50 emails a day – many related to meetings.

    Each month we waste almost a week of our life in ineffective meetings.

    via visually

  • Who are Effective Employers?

    Who are Effective Employers?

    This is a visual summary of the latest Kelly Global Workforce Index results on effective employers and leadership trends.

    The most important qualities are said to be

    • Leadership
    • Vision
    • Communication
    • Teamwork

    Only 52% of employees said they would be happy to recommend their employer to others.

    31% said the management of their employer was oppressive.

    Less than 44% of employees say their efforts are recognised and rewarded.

  • Developing a culture of Innovation

    Developing a culture of Innovation

    Innovation is more than just being creative, imaginative or having good processes and technology – its about the culture that promotes or stalls innovation every day.

    via visually

    Mike Morrison
  • HighSpeed2 Link approved – was there really an option?

    HS2 Link approved

    Was this really going to fail? While the government has not yet confirmed the project is approved – all the noises being made suggest its a green light for this £17bn scheme (which if continued north the Manchester & Leeds will cost £32bn)

    Much like Crossrail for which construction is well under way, HS2 was always going to happen – the only 2 questions were, which route and when to start. Cross rail was in planning long before the current jubilee line extension through Stratford, How do I know, well when I was working at London Underground in the early 1990s there was already a large team working on Crossrail. Much of the planning was done years ago!

    Also in times of austerity, any government worth its salt will launch projects like this – its a “soft” way of investing in jobs. Espcially as the construction sector is labour heavy.

  • Sex for sale – going cheap or free to blackstar members
    Its a sad day when a “professional” blog & site like this gets taken over by members posting blogs using sexual and provocative titles (and content).

    If your business is in the sex industry I can understand it – but to use it for “cheap” ways of creating reads is not only unprofessional – its a slippery slope that several have started to join…

    With the site highly indexed by the search engines – if there is one thing guaranteed to lose you the sale its sex, religion or politics!

    Now politics to some extent I can understand here – but writer beware…

    Mike Morrison
  • Business netrep – by the numbers

    Business netrep – by the numbers

    Internet reputation is increasingly important, but just how important is having a good internet reputation?

    via visually

    Mike Morrison
  • Social networks & our virtual friends #netrep

    Social networks & our virtual friends

    Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, facebook – they are each the same and yet very different.

    It’s no longer (just) about numbers or reach but netrep – internet reputation…

    via visually

    Mike Morrison
  • Empire Avenue – 2 of the biggest people on ecademy are my biggest losers!
    Just checking out my portfolio – and my biggest losses are 2 ecademy members – both in the current top 20

    Come on people – keep up!

    Mike Morrison

Our blog posts on ecademy

  • Marketing activity – what to measure?

    Marketing Measurement Checklists

    Marketing is one of the single largest “overhead” expences of any business – and yet from recent research there is little or no sensible ROI (Return On Investment) being measiured in a business like way.

    • 1 in 5 dio not measure the impact of their marketing activity at all
    • 45% measure only a single attribute (mostly vanity metrics)
    • 20% employ NO tracking!

  • 2012 #Olympics – fail again…#bbc

    Ticket Sales for 2012 Olympics suspended

    First it was the selling, taking money without people knowing what they had bought
    then the synchronised swimming
    now the re-distribution of tickets

    With ticketmaster running this – you would have thought that they would not be making “school boy” errors…. but how wrong

    Will the right people actually make it to the right events this summer?

    Will over paid gov & local gov officials that had premium access to priority tickets actually be the only ones that see the “good” events – of will the black market rule again…

    Watch this space

    Just who is responsible for managing these operations?

    Mike Morrison
  • Social media in UK construction firms
    Some interesting changes from 2010 to 2011 – but still behind many other sectors

    by NowSourcing via visually

    Mike Morrison
  • Which is more secure – iOS or Android?
    This is an interesting overview with data from security experts semantic.

    Maybe things are not what the majority of users want to hear.

    I know that Motorola – the manufacturer of my Atrix android device have plugged several of the holes listed here for droid devices – and offer “autoerase” as mentioned on the ios. I am sure other manufacturers know this

    The challenge is when you jailbreak or use an “old” device…

  • Profile of a Tweeter
    There are many types of twitter users – where are you?

    Mike Morrison
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