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by on January 10, 2012
  • Social Media Connection vs. Engagement

    Social Media Connection vs. Engagement

    Interesting look at how to balance engagement with connections and how some people confuse one thing with the other.

    In the blog “You’re connected, but are you engaging” the author talks about connections being a commodity – and we know what that means – they are not really valued, at least not in the way an engaged “relationship” is.

    Click to see the original post

    This is an interesting way to look at engagement and connections – and it has got me thinking – what are your thoughts & reactions?

    Mike Morrison

  • Need Help -Dial 101 for police

    Need Help – dial 101

    While the 101 number has been running for some time, this soft start ended today with the full national (UK) activation and publicity #BBC

    The new non-emergency 101 phone number is now in operation across England and Wales after a phased introduction in different areas. This service is for crime related calls.

    The idea being that 999 is reserved for reporting only “crimes in progress” or where an urgent response is required by the police service

    Callers to the 101 line are automatically connected with their local county police force, which will redirect calls to the other emergency forces as necessary.

    Not free like 999
    Calls to 101 cost 15p from both mobile phones and landlines, regardless of how long the call is or when it is made. I wonder if this will have any impact on whether people chose to use it or not?

    What will be next 102 for “non urgent medical

  • IT Outsourcing Predictions for 2012

    IT Outsourcing Predictions for 2012

    As we all rely more and more on IT, more of us are looking to outsources many elements of our business. IT is often one of those areas.

    Research recently published suggests the following at 12 “hot” areas to look out for:

    via visually



    Mike Morrison

  • Going Freelance in Difficult Times

    Going Freelance in Difficult times

    Many believe that one of the most successful ways of starting and maintaining a growing business is to specialise or to find your own niche.What is a business niche?

    A niche business is one with a focus or area of specialisation. It is a market segment that particularly suits your experience, knowledge, talents, interests and personality. It is a segment of the market that you can make your own. You make it yours because it fits your expertise and your passion. Any niche must also reach a viable market that is hungry for a solution to a pain or need.

    Why trainers and consultants avoid selecting a niche

  • Thanks to Ecademy I’m #1 (number one) on Google

    Thanks to Ecademy I’m #1 on Google

    Earlier today Nick Break posted a blog of the same name on ecademy “Thanks to Ecademy I’m number one on Google” as a way of proving that ecademy is a powerful SEO tool and profile raiser.

    In the article Nick challenges us to “Check for yourself with this Google search.” Thanks to Ecademy I’m number one on Google. Now it would have been easy to comment on his piece – but in order to further develop the test I thought this post would be a useful indicator and experiment. What would happen if there were two such posts? Especially if one linked to the other – for it is cross linking within a site that is often taken as a value measure.

    What the point in being number one from ecademy in a search?

  • Dummies guide to Everything you need to know about the cloud for business

    Everything you need to know about the Cloud


    via visually


    Mike Morrison

  • Top International Leadership Blogs

    Top Leadership Blogs

    If like me you are always looking for inspiration, ideas and challenge around leadership, then check out this list of top leadership blogs I found while doing some research

    The table is neat in that it not only links to the blogs – but the RSS feeds too – genius!

    What is your fav leadership blog (apart from ecademy of course)

    Mike Morrison

  • Why have a phone number…..

    Why have a phone number…..

    Today I had need to contact someone about a business opportunity. I looked up their phone number, and rather than send an email – or tweet, I thought i would do the SOCIAL thing of speaking in person…

    Great news – the number I had was valid…. then it went straight through to a voice-mail message…. OK I thought thats OK – they are in a meeting….

    The message continued…. You have reached xxxxx xxxxxx, please send an email to – no option of leaving a message…

    Now what is the point?
    Why publish a number that will cause a person to both waste time and resources (cost of call)? Why not just have an email address listed?

    call me old fashioned – but there is a time when a hand written letter or phone call trumps email any day of the week. – A shame as my “second” call was to another contact that jumped at the chance – and maybe- just maybe, this was lady luck telling me who I should work with!

  • Thought for the day….

    Thought for the Day


    Don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution

    I will add a new one every day – unless you do first…
    Mike Morrison


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