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by on January 7, 2012
  • Ecademy ranking top ten growth

    Getting into gear for 2012…

    It is interesting to see what has happened in the top ten recently.

    For the first time in the 5 weeks I have been looking at this I can see that only one person in the top 10 has not improved their score. position 10!

    I suspect that they will not be there tomorrow:

    It seems that it is becoming an increasingly competitive space. certainly just 5 weeks ago a score of 60 would put you easily in the top 10 – but not this week. In fact for the last 5 days Thomas has been running at over 100 – with William making a concerted effort today…

    Come on Sam if you want to stay there – who will be there tomorrow? Mike Simon or Cornelis?

    What will happen next?
    Chasing the score – harmless fun, wasted time, of a canny strategy?

    Mike Morrison
  • Meetings Bloody Meetings – How to improve them

    Meetings Bloody Meetings – How to improve them

    Did you know that of all the meetings most of us attend, over 50 of that time is wasted. never to be available again.

    40% of us have more than 50 emails a day – many related to meetings.

    Each month we waste almost a week of our life in ineffective meetings.

    via visually

  • Who are Effective Employers?

    Who are Effective Employers?

    This is a visual summary of the latest Kelly Global Workforce Index results on effective employers and leadership trends.

    The most important qualities are said to be

    • Leadership
    • Vision
    • Communication
    • Teamwork

    Only 52% of employees said they would be happy to recommend their employer to others.

    31% said the management of their employer was oppressive.

    Less than 44% of employees say their efforts are recognised and rewarded.

  • Developing a culture of Innovation

    Developing a culture of Innovation

    Innovation is more than just being creative, imaginative or having good processes and technology – its about the culture that promotes or stalls innovation every day.

    via visually

    Mike Morrison
  • HighSpeed2 Link approved – was there really an option?

    HS2 Link approved

    Was this really going to fail? While the government has not yet confirmed the project is approved – all the noises being made suggest its a green light for this £17bn scheme (which if continued north the Manchester & Leeds will cost £32bn)

    Much like Crossrail for which construction is well under way, HS2 was always going to happen – the only 2 questions were, which route and when to start. Cross rail was in planning long before the current jubilee line extension through Stratford, How do I know, well when I was working at London Underground in the early 1990s there was already a large team working on Crossrail. Much of the planning was done years ago!

    Also in times of austerity, any government worth its salt will launch projects like this – its a “soft” way of investing in jobs. Espcially as the construction sector is labour heavy.

  • Sex for sale – going cheap or free to blackstar members
    Its a sad day when a “professional” blog & site like this gets taken over by members posting blogs using sexual and provocative titles (and content).

    If your business is in the sex industry I can understand it – but to use it for “cheap” ways of creating reads is not only unprofessional – its a slippery slope that several have started to join…

    With the site highly indexed by the search engines – if there is one thing guaranteed to lose you the sale its sex, religion or politics!

    Now politics to some extent I can understand here – but writer beware…

    Mike Morrison
  • Business netrep – by the numbers

    Business netrep – by the numbers

    Internet reputation is increasingly important, but just how important is having a good internet reputation?

    via visually

    Mike Morrison
  • Social networks & our virtual friends #netrep

    Social networks & our virtual friends

    Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, facebook – they are each the same and yet very different.

    It’s no longer (just) about numbers or reach but netrep – internet reputation…

    via visually

    Mike Morrison
  • Empire Avenue – 2 of the biggest people on ecademy are my biggest losers!
    Just checking out my portfolio – and my biggest losses are 2 ecademy members – both in the current top 20

    Come on people – keep up!

    Mike Morrison

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