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by on January 6, 2012
  • Marketing activity – what to measure?

    Marketing Measurement Checklists

    Marketing is one of the single largest “overhead” expences of any business – and yet from recent research there is little or no sensible ROI (Return On Investment) being measiured in a business like way.

    • 1 in 5 dio not measure the impact of their marketing activity at all
    • 45% measure only a single attribute (mostly vanity metrics)
    • 20% employ NO tracking!

  • 2012 #Olympics – fail again…#bbc

    Ticket Sales for 2012 Olympics suspended

    First it was the selling, taking money without people knowing what they had bought
    then the synchronised swimming
    now the re-distribution of tickets

    With ticketmaster running this – you would have thought that they would not be making “school boy” errors…. but how wrong

    Will the right people actually make it to the right events this summer?

    Will over paid gov & local gov officials that had premium access to priority tickets actually be the only ones that see the “good” events – of will the black market rule again…

    Watch this space

    Just who is responsible for managing these operations?

    Mike Morrison
  • Social media in UK construction firms
    Some interesting changes from 2010 to 2011 – but still behind many other sectors

    by NowSourcing via visually

    Mike Morrison
  • Which is more secure – iOS or Android?
    This is an interesting overview with data from security experts semantic.

    Maybe things are not what the majority of users want to hear.

    I know that Motorola – the manufacturer of my Atrix android device have plugged several of the holes listed here for droid devices – and offer “autoerase” as mentioned on the ios. I am sure other manufacturers know this

    The challenge is when you jailbreak or use an “old” device…

  • Profile of a Tweeter
    There are many types of twitter users – where are you?

    Mike Morrison

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