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by on January 5, 2012
  • And now the authorities of 2012 are trying to control…

    Social media… its banned for “games makers” according to the BBC

    What is wrong with these people?Do they not understand the impact that social media can have both on morale and additional promotion of the games.

    One can understand not talking about famous people, or security issues etc – but not to say that I am at xxx stadium is mad.. they does not give away any real security information.

    In a “what to do and what not to do” section, it warns volunteers.

    Locog and other govermental & NGOs etc should be setting the example for business – not holding it back another decade

  • not to disclose their location
  • not to post a picture or video of Locog backstage areas closed to the public
  • not to disclose breaking news about an athlete
  • not to tell their social network about a visiting VIP, eg an athlete, celebrity or dignitary.
  • Social Media – who can see what?
    The three big players in the space: Twitter, Facebook & Gooogle look at relationships in a very dfifferent way – which is right for you and your business/ personal needs?

    via visually


    Mike Morrison

  • Facebook & Google+ – the race to the first 50million
    Its difficult to compare giants and newcomers – but looking at the growth of market penetration is an interesting way to start…

    via visually



    Mike Morrison

  • Google -v- Facebook – by the numbers
    Its easy to talk about these two behemoths but how do they stack up? …

    via visually


    Mike Morrison

  • EPIC fails!

    Infographic originally published on, found via visually



    Mike Morrison

  • Is your work/ home PC “legal”?

    Microsoft sues Comet over ‘counterfeit’ recovery CDs

    This is one of todays business headlines on the BBC. As it appears that Microsoft are suing for allegedly producing and selling 94,000 counterfeit Windows recovery CDs.


    Mike Morrison

  • Grown up social media is killing small businesses
    Social media for the last couple of years has given those businesses that are lean, innovative and empowered the edge. However with so many platforms, now requiring both day to day management (in some cases hourly) has the advantage small businesses had gone?For many cases social media was a “free” channel that could be utilised in a little “down time”, but now its serious. can businesses really count social media as free, as it now often requires a full time resource to manage and engage?

    having one channel was one thing, but with twitter, facebook, linkedin, ecademy, just to name a few, most of these are starting to take up to one hour each to deliver consistent results.
    has the bubble burst? is it now the time of the professionals in this space?

    Mike Morrison

  • Olympics 2012 – How not to run a business
    It seems that the UK Olympic organisation have managed to over sell just 10,000 tickets for the syncronised swimming.How can this have happened?
    London 2012: Olympic synchronised swimming tickets oversold

    What is more bizarre is how these people may end up watching more high profile events that they may have originally wanted to buy – but could not as those tickets were sold out

    what is going on here?

    this is both a big c**k up and a con!
    Who is managing operations here? why are we putting project management and operational management like this on an international stage – I hope this is the only such error and not the start of a comedy of errors to turn what should be an epic years for UK PLC into a complete farce!

    Mike Morrison

  • Social media – what just happened?

    via visually



    Mike Morrison


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